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Playing Cards

For bushcraft, scouting and survival in Europe. With topics like first aid, navigation, setting up camp, making fire, finding water and much, much more.

Plants & Fungi
Playing cards

About wild edible plants and mushrooms of Europe. The selection contains information and illustrations about 48 species which are widespread and relatively easy to find.

Ready !

The playing cards are ready and in stock!

Already available in the UK , Denmark , Belgium and the Netherlands .

For other countries I am still searching for shops who would like to distribute my cards within their country.

If you would like to sell these playing cards or want to make a group purchase, please contact me.

Full Of Information

These playing cards have been made by an outdoor enthousiast for other outdoor enthousiast. With the inention to be really something useful. Little cheat sheets for in camp or a hike the forest.

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On my Dutch instagram account I already have some photo's to complement the playing cards. For the English account I will do the same soon. Once in while I will also post some news. Like when the cards are available in a new country.

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FREE Pocket Survival Guide

This creditcard sized survival guide is free for personal and non-commercial use. It contains some basic and essential information. If you print it double sided you immediately get two. One to give to a friend for example. In a worst case scenario this guide at least will provide you with some tinder ; )

Be aware that this work is copyright protected! No changes may be made to it. Bushcraft and survival activities come with risks. The succinct information in this document is only ment for dire situations. All actions taken are at your own risk! Please inform the people you give this guide about this.


Coming Soon

To a Forest Near You

A version for North America is in the making. With about the same survival information, but different plants.

Human trials

These cards have been tested on the Dutch population with positive results. The playing cards about Scouting Knots is being translated and will also be available in English in the near future.

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