Images For Webshops & Media Use

Below you find download links for zip folders with images for on your webshop, website, social media channels, et cetera. If you have specific wishes, like having your logo on it, a certain sentence or specific dimensions, please contact me. I love to help!

Download JPEG version:

Dowload PNG version:

FREE Pocket Survival Guide

This creditcard sized survival guide is free for personal and non-commercial use. It contains some basic and essential information. If you print it double sided you immediately get two. One to give to a friend or family member for example. In a worst case scenario this guide at least will provide you with some tinder ; )

Be aware that this work is copyright protected! No changes may be made to it. Bushcraft and survival activities come with risks. The succinct information in this document is only ment for dire situations. All actions taken are at your own risk! Please inform the people you give this guide about this.