A Handful Of Information

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These playing cards are also little field guides which fit in the palm of your hand. The two versions compliment each other and together they contain information about 63 edible plants and fungi of Europe.

Each deck has an index on the aces. Both decks have the same back of the cards, so they can be combined when you play a game for which you need two decks. The front of the cards of each set has a different border, so you can easily tell them apart on that side.

The playing cards are standard bridge sized as is common in Europe (56 x 87 mm). A deck weighs about 85 grams including the tuckbox.

Because of the pandemic I don't think I have to explain anymore how important it is to always have something for entertainment. Even if it's just for getting thrue that rainy day... With just one deck of cards hundreds of games can be played.